Getting Started With Koho

This is the Koho Quick Start Guide for Beta users. If you haven’t received your invite yet, you should soon (sending out about 1,000 a week!). 

Once you start using Koho, you’ll probably notice a few things that are missing (*Cough* Chip & PIN & Bill Pay *Cough*), and a few things you haven’t seen before. For what’s missing, we’re working hard to bring them to you ASAP (you can always check on our road map here).

For the new stuff, it can sometimes be hard to see how these features will benefit you out of the gate. Below you’ll find a few of the more popular ways Koho is used.

Smarter Spending
Best features: Categories, real-time updates, chat.

If you want to change how you spend, you have to understand it first.

Odds are you don’t know how much money you spent yesterday, let alone how this insightstransearchweek compared to last week. Putting 20-40% of your paycheque on Koho and running your discretionary spend through Koho is a powerful way to inform how often you spend at a particular merchant, how much you spend on clothes or food, or how much your spending varies during the month. Once you’ve surfaced your behaviour, it becomes much easier to change it.


It takes the same amount of time to set a percent or fixed amount of your paycheque automatically as it does to do an e-transfer load. To get started, check out the add funds tab in your app.

Cheaper, Safer Travel 
Best feature; Real-time updates, low FX fee, insights.

Save 2%* on your vacation and have total clarity on foreign exchange.

When you make a purchase with Koho, you’ll get a real-time update in Canadian dollars. For example, when you spend €20, you’ll immediately receive the Canadian conversion (Ie. $29.17). In the feed or insights section, you can see exactly how much you spend every day inscreenshot_2016-12-07-12-36-09-1$CAD and adjust your vacation behaviour on the fly.

Another nice win is the foreign exchange fee. Most people don’t know this, but it’s common for most cards to charge 2-3% on every international transaction you make! We charge just 1% and we disclose it as a separate item so you know exactly what you’re being charged.

Note: Hotels and car rentals pre-authorize your card and often hold the funds. If you don’t want your Koho funds to be tied up, use Koho to book the car or room and a credit card for the deposit.


Life Automation
Best feature: real time updates, merchant insights & categorizations.

Automate your payments without losing control.screenshot_2016-12-07-12-00-35

It’s always nice to know what’s been paid but most of us don’t like the feeling of just assuming your bill will be right every month. Real time updates means when you link your gym, cable, phone, Netflix or any subscription to your Koho card, you’ll know the second you’re charged and the amount. Merchant insights will tell you how much you’ve spent there and your average bill size so you notice when your fees start to creep up.

Finally, our categorization algorithm will break down these payments into the right categories so you know where you stand.