How to Load Your Koho 💳

You got Koho. Congrats on your great taste. So, now what? We’ve
given you 3 ways to load your card so you can start spending +

Let Steph, our beloved User Success Agent, get you up to speed on how to load your card:

1. e-Transfers

Add as a payee from your existing bank account, and send a transfer to have loaded onto your Koho card.

Use ‘Koho Load Code’ as the security question, and type in your secret code as the password.

This secret code lives in-app under Move Money > Add Funds > e-Transfer Load.

Voilà. Cash on your card in as little as 30 minutes. (Transfers outside of business hours can take up to 24 hours.) If your bank charges you an e-transfer fee let us know and we’ll cover it. No fees, no problems.

2. Account Linking

Not feeling the e-transfer, but don’t want to commit part of your paycheque to smart spending just yet? We’ve got you. Link your existing bank account with your Koho card to load money directly and set up recurring automatic payments.

From the app go to Move Money > Add Funds > Link Another Financial Institution.

To make sure it’s really you moving money around, we will ask your permission to make a microtransaction from your account and to confirm it in-app.

Depending on your bank, loading funds can take 3-5 business days, but it’s all robots from here on out.

3. Direct Deposit/Tax Refunds

If you know you want to track your spending and save regularly, then setting up direct deposit with Koho is the move. Download the Direct Deposits Info form and ask your payroll department to have a portion of your paycheque go directly to your Koho account.

You can find the form under Move Money > Add Funds > Direct Load.

If you want to link your PayPal or Stripe account with Koho, login to your PayPal account and set up a direct deposit. Select ‘Link a bank account’ > ‘I have a different bank account’ and add in your direct deposit details provided on your Koho app.

PayPal will send microdeposits to your Koho account 2-3 days after you’ve initiated the link, and you will need to confirm the deposited amounts on your PayPal account. For Stripe, you can add in your Koho direct deposit information under ‘Payouts’ > ‘Add Bank Account’.

And just like that, your Koho account is loaded and ready to go.
Once your card arrives, activate it over the phone and make a
purchase within 24 hours.

If you need us, reach out to our user support team in-app or via