Koho Adds Joe Canavan To Advisory Board

As a team of tech entrepreneurs, we always knew we needed the guidance of experienced financial minds. Professionally, Joe Canavan is one of the most successful investors in Canadian history. Joe first lead Fidelity from a team of 4 with $60M in assets to $6 billion and a team of 300 in just under 4 years. He then started GT Global Services, which was the fastest growing mutual fund in Canadian history, Synergy Asset Management, which was acquired by CI Financial, and eventually led Assante Wealth Management to more than $27 billion in assets under management. His efforts culminated when he received ‘Person of Influence of the Decade’ at the Canadian Investment Awards. 

Following his investing career, Joe became an active angel, investing in both our friends WealthSimple and Borrowell. He also spent a great deal of time, effort and resources on philanthropic pursuits, something we believe in a great deal here. For almost 2 years, Joe volunteered as the full-time CEO of the Children’s Aid Foundation, where he helped turn the organization around, raising millions in the process. See the video below for his impact and more information on the Joe Canavan Fund.

Our CEO, Daniel, on sitting down with Joe. 

“…The Chance To Move The Needle For Consumers in Canada”
As with all high performers, when I first met Joe I was prepared to pitch, succinctly laying out all the ways I thought Koho could and would be great. I made a remark about the recent earthquake in Nepal and any hope of a traditional meeting went out the window. Instead, we talked about travel, value creation, responsibility,  family, culture and opportunity, but barely touched on Koho. In the days between our second meeting, Joe and I exchanged emails, ideas and books. When we sat down next it was clear Joe and Koho were well aligned. What got Joe excited was not just the investment opportunity, but the chance to move the needle for consumers in Canada. Joe’s experience as both a banker and a leader will be invaluable in helping us as we do so.

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