How Does Koho Stack Up? 👊

“So how is Koho different from my existing bank card?”

We’ve received several questions about how Koho is different from your existing spending card, so we’ve broken down exactly what you’ll get out of Koho (below) or download the PDF here.

The big difference that Koho makes is twofold. Firstly, Koho is introducing a real alternative to today’s burdensome and confusing banking fees. We’ve eliminated nearly all the fees associated with managing your own money. Secondly, Koho gives you information about your personal finances that actually matter.

Koho customers have been reducing their monthly spending by an average of 15% and saving over $500 within a few weeks.

Trying Koho is Easy

Creating an account with Koho takes less than 5 minutes. Koho doesn’t require a credit check, so opening up a new Koho account will not affect your credit score. Once you send in your initial e-Transfer to fund your Koho account, you will receive your Koho Visa card within 10 business days. That’s it!

It’s your money, so why should we charge you fees on it (like the big financial institutions do)?

Join Koho today take control of your personal finances. #NeverSettle

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