🚀 Launch Day

After months of private beta testing, thousands of conversations, and 1.3 million dollars in transactions, we’re SO EXCITED to officially launch Koho!

It never made sense to us that in a country where banks make $140B in revenue and almost $40B in profit, we are still charged some of the highest bank fees in the world for old, outdated technology. We started Koho because we believe Canadians deserve a better, simpler way to manage their financial lives. Today, we get to share that with you.

What is Koho?

Your Koho account is a smart spending account, designed to help you make smarter decisions about your spending habits. Your account comes with your new Koho Visa Card, which gives you the flexibility to spend anywhere Visa is accepted, without the worry of going into overdraft or paying your card off. You spend only the money you have.

What can I do with Koho?

  • Instant Notifications and Feed

    Koho will send you a mobile notification the second we see that cash hit your account. Koho lets you know when money is deposited into your account, when your balance is running low, or when a purchase is made (great for knowing when and how much autopayments like Car2Go actually charge you).

  • Insights

    As soon as you make a purchase, our algorithms are working hard to automatically categorize your spending and provide easy-to-understand visualizations on where your money is going.

  • Goals

    Whether your goals are big or small, use Koho to set it, forget it, and get on with your day! Koho intelligently puts money aside for that new bike, long weekend away, or an emergency fund.

Move Money

Koho users can send instant P2P (person-to-person) payments to any other Koho user free of fees, forever! Paying your friends back or splitting the bill is simpler and faster than ever with Koho Payments.

Koho Payments also includes rich integrations with existing financial institutions for your other money moving needs:

Pay your bills with Bill Pay
Send Interac e-Transfers
ATM withdrawals for when you need cash

Feel at ease

  • Security

    Your Koho app is secured with Touch ID, and you can instantly lock your card in the app in case you lose it, or see any sketchy transactions.

  • Safety

    Your money is safe with Koho. We work with Peoples Trust Company, a trust company federally regulated by OSFI, who issues cards and holds your money.

  • Live Chat Support

    Our incredible live support chat is built right into the app, so you can get in touch with a real live human in case of questions or issues.

Download Now

From the comfort of your own couch, get your new Koho account in just a few minutes. The Koho app is available for free download from the App Store on iPhone, or at AppStore.com.

Koho for Android is still in private beta, but coming very very soon!

Where does Koho go now?

A huge thanks to our beta testers, whose feedback and support have made Koho what it is today. We’re building Koho for all Canadians, and we’ve got big plans, but we need to know what you think, the good and the bad. Get in touch with us via in-app chat, email us, or vote for upcoming features on our public roadmap. #joinTheKohoMovement


Lauren Bates


Product Manager