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We’ve received a lot of requests for rewards right from the get go, and we heard you. We’ve put a lot of time into building this because we think it’s important to provide rewards that are valuable to you. We also wanted to build a rewards program that aligned with our brand and mission to empower Canadians to spend smarter and save more money.

In reality, banks and credit card companies are competing for your wallet with complicated loyalty programs designed to make money when you don’t use them. That’s not us.

Today, we’re excited introduce PowerUp, our very own cash back program!

PowerUp are simple and transparent. For purchases you make with your Koho Visa card, you’ll get 0.5% cash back. No limits, no purchase type exclusions, that’s it. You also won’t have to wait for your annual statement to get your cash back—your PowerUp balance will be automatically accumulated in your Savings tab every time you use your Koho Visa card.

How it works

Purchases made with the Koho Visa card will result in a cash back of 0.5%. This amount is automatically aggregated and credited to your Savings tab on your Koho app.

There are no restrictions on the types of purchases made on your Koho Visa card in order for your PowerUp to apply, and there are NO FEES to redeem your PowerUp credit. Whenever you’re ready to cash out, simply click on Cash out under the Savings > PowerUps and your PowerUp balance will be transferred over to your Spendable.

How to PowerUp!

Be sure to update Koho to the latest app version 1.17.0. to start collecting PowerUps. No additional requirements needed; continue using your Koho Visa card for all your regular purchases, and you’ll receive PowerUps accumulated with your purchases. You can also receive daily, weekly or monthly notifications every time your cash back PowerUp is earned under Settings > Notifications.

We’re so excited to offer this new rewards program to you all so you can get the rewards you deserve. As always, let us know via our in-app chat or support@koho.ca if you need any further assistance.

If you haven’t signed up for Koho yet, check us out on the App Store or Google Play Store and you too can PowerUp with Koho (for free)!

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Lynn Shinto


Community Manager