What Our Customers Say About Us 💯

At Koho, we’re all about putting our customers first. Everything from voting on our Roadmap to deciding on the design of our new Chip & PIN cards, you’ve been with us every step of the way.

With our Goals feature, our average customer cuts their spending by 15% and saves over $500 in the first three weeks. We’re blown away by what some of our customers have been able to save up for, and humbled by how much of an impact Koho has made on our customers.

Each day, our team works hard to bring you the best financial product out there to help save you money and spend smarter…but you probably don’t want to hear it from us. 

Here are some things our very own customers have said about their experience with Koho:

These are just a few of the thousands of Koho customers that have been able to take control of their finances with Koho, and they’re just getting started.

Creating an account with Koho takes less than 5 minutes and is free to join, so download Koho via the App Store or Google Play Store today!

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