Top 5 Things You’ll Need to Know While Travelling with Koho ✈️

The holidays are just around the corner, and Koho’s got you covered for your upcoming holiday travel plans. Gone are the days of coming back to a massive credit card bill and wondering what you spent your money on while travelling within Canada or internationally.

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Here are the top 5 questions we’ve received when it comes to using your Koho card while travelling:

1. Can I use my Koho card outside of Canada?

Yes! You can use your Koho Visa card wherever Visa is accepted by the merchant (globally!). This applies to making hotel reservations, car rentals, flight bookings, and more*. Be sure to select ‘credit’ as the form of payment or ask the merchant to register your Koho card as a credit card when you’re ready to make your purchase. Your Koho Visa card is also protected under Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.

*Please note for hotels, car rentals, or gas stations, merchants may put a preauthorization hold (usually around 15-20%, or $150 for gas stations) on your card. This is by no means a charge, however, your funds will be held to the ensure you have enough funds on your card to cover the purchase (plus incidentals where applicable). The correct amount will ‘settle’ within 14-30 business days after you check out.

2. Do I need to let you know about my upcoming travel plans?

You won’t have to call in to let us know that you’ll be travelling within Canada, however, it is highly encouraged that you let our support team know about your upcoming international travel plans via our in-app chat or email us at If you happen to ever misplace your Koho card, you can lock your card right away under your Settings so no one else can access your card. If you’re sure that you’ve lost your card, let our support team know and we’ll cancel your card right away.

3. How much are your foreign exchange (FX) fees?

Compared to most credit cards that charge anywhere from 2-3% in foreign transaction (FX) fees, you’ll only be charged 1.5% on transactions outside of Canada with your Koho Visa card. Koho does not profit from FX fees, but this is the fee we’ve negotiated with our partners at Visa to offer the best and lowest rate possible when using your Koho card outside of Canada.

4. Which ATMs can I use while I’m travelling?

While cash is no longer king, we realize some places still require you to pay with cash. With Koho, you’ll have access to over 8,500 fee-free ATMs across Canada within the Koho network (powered by DC Bank). You can find any DC Bank ATM at most convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, or you can use our ATM Finder to find a Koho partner ATM near your current location (Please note for out-of-network ATM withdrawals, you may be charged an ATM fee by the bank of that ATM, in addition to the FX fee).

5. Will my transactions show in CAD, or the currency of the country I’m in?

As your Koho Visa card works in conjunction with your Koho app, you’ll be able to see all your transactions in real-time, and converted to CAD (if you’re travelling outside of Canada). No more guesswork around how much you spent – let Koho do the work for you.

To learn more about how Koho can benefit you for your upcoming travel plans, check us out on the App Store or Google Play Store and download Koho for free!

Safe travels!

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