How to Refer Your Friends to Koho and Earn Referral Bonuses! 😎

You might’ve noticed that we recently introduced Koho’s first referral program. Now, you can refer up to a maximum of 10 friends and earn $500 in referral bonuses. It’s something many of you were doing anyway, now we just want to reward you for it!

Oh, and there’s something in it for your friends as well…

For each friend you refer to Koho, you can both get up to a $50 bonus: $10 when they activate their account and $40 more if they set up a Direct Load for at least $500. The bonuses go straight into existing Koho accounts and are immediately available for use.

If you haven’t seen the update, find us on the App Store or Google Play to get the latest version of our mobile app and you will see a little gift box on the top right of your Koho app:

Keep spreading the word about Koho’s pursuit to be a better financial alternative for all Canadians (and now, get rewarded for it!).

If you have any questions on our referrals program, feel free to reach out to us on our in-app chat, or email us at

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