The Countdown: Koho’s Year in Review

Well, here we are.

2017 was a year when millenials were chastized for having good taste in brunch foods instead of saving for a mortgage, and the banks continued to charge Canadians some of the highest fees in the world.

It was a pretty bangin’ year for Koho, to be honest. We went from beta to a full launch of our app + reloadable card, and got thousands of Canadians to join us.

Since at heart we are tech nerds who live for data, below is a breakdown of how people used Koho to spend + save smarter in 2017.

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Who Spent What, Where?

Average Koho Purchase in




Goal Crushers

What was the average savings goal amount in 2017?


You set savings goals for trips to Kauai, lots of tattoos, and a few sets of braces, too.

Prime, Baby

Who spent more at
Toronto or Vancouver?


On average, Koho users in Vancouver spent $49.22, compared to Torontonians who spent $48.05.

A Snapshot of Our Growth in 2017

A Canadian’s love of coffee runs deep.
How deep, you ask?

chilliwack: Average tim hortons purchase
TORONTO: Average tim hortons purchase
CALGARY: Average Tim Hortons Purchase
winnipeg: Average Tim Hortons Purchase
Nationwide: Average tim hortons purchase
NATIONWIDE: average starbucks purchase

Weird Fact:

For every person who is saving for a Tesla, there are 1.6 people saving for a dishwasher.

What Else Are You Saving For?

(hint: it's the happiest place on earth)

Disney World!

Dozens of Koho users are saving up for trips to visit Mickey.

What % of transportation dollars did folks spend on Uber?

Transportation includes gas, trains, buses, parking, cabs, uber rides,
toll roads, + car rentals.


Thanks For All The Love This Year

  • “The real time alerts of what you’ve spent are very convenient and the budgeting breakdown is the best I’ve seen” -Sean

  • “By the way, I f****** love this app and card” -Tyler

  • “Really digging the @GetKoho idea of ‘spendable money’ when reporting on your account balance” -Alex

Cheers to a big, bright 2018 from the team at Koho!

of us