What Is Koho?

Good question.

Let’s start with why we built Koho.

Canadians deserve access to the best financial tools and we want to bring them to them, for free, if possible.

What We Do 

We focus on what we do best (building technology) to provide you a really simple way to access, understand and move your money. We then work with companies (like Visa* and Peoples Trust) to add in a lot of the other features you would expect;

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    Real-Time Updates

    Boost security and keeps you in the know

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    Automate Savings

    Let us do the work to boost your savings

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    Categorization & Insights

    Know where you spend and how you’re doing

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    Koho to Koho transfers

    Super simple and free

What Our Friends Do

(Don’t worry, you access all of this through the Koho app)

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    Buy Things

    Make purchases basically everywhere with the Koho Visa Prepaid Card

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    Hold Money Securely

    Funds held at Peoples Trust, a federally regulated trust with $7B in assets

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    Access Cash

    8,500 Fee-free ATMs

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    Automatic Paycheque Load

    Have your employer add your paycheque directly

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    Transfer Money

    Also free

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    Pay Bills

    Also, simple & free.

More Important Information


1) Your money is secure.

Koho works with Peoples Trust Company, a federally  regulated  trust company and the leading issuer of prepaid cards in Canada. Basically, Peoples Trust issues the card and holds the money, while Koho provides the technology that you interface with.

2) We’re not a financial institution.

This is really important because when someone identifies as a financial institution, you know they are directly governed by a specific set of rules, which Peoples Trust is. We do our best to communicate this but sometimes the press distills our message and calls us one anyway.

3) Peoples Trust Is Regulated

Peoples Trust, who issues the card that allows you to access your money, is regulated by OSFI, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.


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